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Engaging online learning experiences for our customers 凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

Delve deeper into a wide range of topics by registering for one of our interactive webinars. This is where you get to engage with experts from Primetals Technologies or guest speakers from renowned international companies. Our customer-driven webinars are designed to stimulate dialog and to deliver a compelling learning experience focusing on the latest industry trends. Join the conversation now!

Prepare your Meltshop with smart products 凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

Learn more about the powerful tools for process analysis and Business Intelligence systems which allow you a deep insight into your physical production. These tools provide you with the required knowledge for important decisions and Life Cycle measures. 



Date: 27 May 2020
Time: 14:30 (CET)
Language: English


SAAS Solutions — Top trend for the steel industry in 2020 凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

This Webinar examines the facts & figures from the global Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) landscape, analyzes implications for the steel industry, and takes a look at two examples where SaaS solutions are already being used successfully in the steel industry.



Date: 28 May 2020
Time: 16:00-16:30 (CET)
Language: English