FOR HOISTING DRUMS OF CRANES 凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

Design a customized hosting drum for your crane in a matter of minutes. 凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

m.crane is an automated, web-based engineering software for the customization of hoisting drums, developed to save you time and money. Every aspect of the hoisting-drum design process can be managed in one easy-to-use web interface. Simply enter the required parameters and m.crane will perform the necessary calculations and design your drum in less than 15 minutes. m.crane will then deliver AutoCAD drawings, 3D files, and the associated calculation reports, enabling you to submit the new specifications to Primetals Technologies for a quotation on the drum.

m.crane explained in three steps 凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

m.crane in a nutshell

You can rely on Primetals Technologies to help in the event that a hoisting drum fails to perform as it should. Thanks to m.crane, calculations and drawings are available quickly, cost-effectively, and easily.

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How it works, step by step

Simply input the relevant data; the program will guide you through every step of the process. Then sit back and let m.crane do all the hard work, and a few minutes later…

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The result!

…m.crane delivers a 2D and 3D preview, allowing you to check the dimensions, verify the design, and then order your hoisting drum from Primetals Technologies, who will deliver it to you anywhere in the world.

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