Grow with Us


We are looking for pioneers - enthusiastic professionals, students and graduates - who like to face new challenges, love to learn and want to take the future into their own hands. 凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

The metals industry will witness major changes in the next decades. Smart plants and selflearning robots will become a reality, while ultra-efficient ecological solutions will ensure wide-scale green production. Whether you are an engineer, metallurgist, financial expert, data scientist or expert for automation, digitalization and machine learning: As member of the Primetals Technologies team you have the chance to witness exciting new developments related to technological processes, applications, and services. You grow as we grow thanks to your expertise, passion and spirit.

HOW YOU GROW WITH US 凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

Primetals Technologies offers you the freedom to explore, discover, and pursue your passions!凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

Our people primarily develop through on-the-job, experiences, providing deep and broad challenges that stretch, challenge and invigorate. Through these opportunities you’ll have the freedom to explore, discover, and pursue your passions - growing beyond your current aspirations. If you’re open to exploring new opportunities and facing new challenges, you will find these at Primetals Technologies.

We invest a lot in the development of our employees because it is the know-how of our people that makes the difference. Your growth is decisive for our success as it helps us perform and grow as a team and as global player in the steel business.

Job enrichment – inspiring your creativity for the future of metals 凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

As you demonstrate success, your manager will look to stretch and grow your competence through providing opportunities to work on more complex and challenging tasks or projects and test yourself. Although your position remains the same, the content and composition of some of your work may change. Job enrichment helps build expertise and confidence and provides a safe but challenging way to learn new skills.

Coaching and mentoring – guiding your career in the steel industry 凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

As true pioneers, our mentors share the benefit of their experiences and expertise. They’ve travelled the journey already and can support you in your personal and career growth, help build your individual strengths and open up new perspectives.

Workshops and training – developing your skills in the world of metals 凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

Pioneers stay curious and learn for a lifetime. In a fast changing world, Primetals Technologies promotes your continued development. This includes workshops - in which experts share their knowledge and you share your perspectives.

Job rotation – getting a broader view in the metals business 凤凰彩票平台手机版,凤凰彩票开奖APP,凤凰彩票开奖下载

Broaden your expertise with a sidestep outside of your comfort zone into another department. These moves provide an opportunity to discover new perspectives and increase your knowledge and capabilities in new areas. Such moves enhance your network, improve collaboration and build trust.